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ANT srl carries out studies and researches about crop protection and composting.

A.N.T. offers the following services:

  • Scientific and technical support for the development of innovative products from organic wastes, by-products and compost, for agricultural and industrial sectors;
  • Phytodiagnostic consulting;
  • Scientific and technical support for research and development activities;
  • Organization and management of divulgation and teaching activities, including technical reports, manuals, guide lines, didactic and educational processes.








 AgriNewTech srl is authorized by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture MIPAAF to carry out field efficacy and selectivity trials in GEP on new pest control products for registration purposes.

Studies are conducted in compliance with the main international guidelines: EPPO, ISO, IOBC/wprs, and can be managed by specific softwares (e.g. ARM).

The following trials can be carried out:

  • Efficacy of plant protection products (PPPs)

  • Efficacy of biologica control agents (BCAs)

  • Selectivity on the crop

  • Biostimulants and plant growth regulators

  • Monitoring resistance to PPPs

  • Post-harvest trials














Telefono: +39 011 2257283

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