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A.N.T. – AgriNewTech Ltd is a spin-off of the University of Torino in the field of agricultural and environmental biotechnologies.

ANT has been developed with the aim of transferring the results of years of scientific researches carried out at international level by the Centre of Competence Agroinnova and by the charter members, Maria Lodovica Gullino and Angelo Garibaldi, professors at the University of Torino.


ANT, in the fable of Aesop, is the insect that works hard to collect provisions for the winter. It is from this passion for the work and research that comes AgriNewTech. Believing in the multifunctional role of modern agriculture, the company offers services and products for the protection of agro-environmental resources, the increase of food  safety and food security and the valorisation of biomasses through the use of biotechnology applied to agriculture and the environment.

The company is mainly active in the field of sustainable crop protection and valorisation of organic wastes and by-products, composts and horticultural substrates for their optimal use in agriculture. ANT uses patented microorganisms to control plant diseases and an advanced methodology for analysis in order to assess the quality of composts, working with SMEs producing organic wastes, biodegradable plastics, composting plants and farms. In particular, the assessment is related to study the capacity of compost to suppress economically important diseases of vegetables and flowers.




Telefono: +39 011 2257283

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